An eye for elegance. An ear for business. And everything to make your idea a successful reality.

Meet the Venturetec team. Unlike almost all software engineering firms, we staff with only senior-level talent capable of engineering, advising and deploying great things for our client’s businesses. Whether it’s engineering or business advisory, we staff to intelligently dig deep into client ideas and projects so that our engineers, advisors and project managers take ownership for a successful launch and long-term relationship. In our experience, combining quality talent with ownership leads to superior solutions and outcomes.

The Team

Jonathan Wolinsky

CEO, Lead Engineer

Craig Cronin

Engineering Director

Jonah Simon

Creative Director

Will Rosenberg

Senior Software Engineer

Matthew Fasano

Software Engineer


The Company's senior management is a smart and talented team of seasoned executives, engineers, mathematicians, and entrepreneurs with experience in the disciplines of blockchain technology, cloud and mobile computing, digital exchanges, software engineering, internet software development, network management and related technology, and financial management and operational experience.

Jonathan Wolinsky

Technology Specialist

Tassos Recachinas

Finance/Deal Structuring

Marshall Long

FinTech & Blockchain

Matthew Fried

Quantitative Analytics Specialist

Kenneth Colman

CFO Extraordinaire

Konstantinos A. Nedas, Ph.D.

Software & Network Specialist