• Cloud Solutions & Automation

    We provide a complete portfolio of services, from cloud consulting & integration, to strategic business automation, transformation, and advisory services.

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  • Mobile Applications

    Did you ever wonder why 99% of downloaded apps are almost never used beyond the initial trial? Or, are so clunky and arcane that only tech wizards can appreciate. And, what about the cost to build and market all those largely unused and worthless apps? The chance of this happening to your app is close to 100%, but not with Venturetec.

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  • SaaS

    In today's globally competitive environment, success usually means helping your clients, users, and staff work together for efficient and successful outcomes. However, in the online universe we live in, that also means building highly efficient human capital and software integration systems. Welcome to the brave new world of SaaS.

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  • Web Development & Design

    At Venturetec, we build uniquely designed websites to help our clients meet their business goals. With web applications built in React to custom WordPress themes, we can meet the needs of any business looking to scale in the digital economy. Our responsive design makes sure users get a consistent and elegant experience from large desktop screens to mobile phones.

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Featured Projects

Amplifize is something entirely new in social media. It’s the first social media platform that takes users beyond the hashtag to fame and fortune. The company will be going live 2nd quarter 2018. Watch for upcoming media about Amplifize.

Again, Venturetec was there at its inception. Everything that makes Amplifize, Amplifize was/is designed, engineered and implemented by our talented team of software engineers, for example: Android and iOS apps, customer onboarding, ordering, scheduling, paying solutions and dashboards, image scaling and cropping systems, web portal, social media interfaces, back office automation, curation and approval systems, analytical systems and, on and on… everything!

The Game Agency is America’s premier software engineering company for computer-assisted game learning. Whether the need is to deepen or to teach new ideas in corporate, education, entertainment and sports environments, The Game Agency’s game-learning development team has both the expertise and experience to deliver the right product. The Game Agency has four regional offices and serves mainly Fortune 500 clients.

The Game Agency reached out to Venturetec to design and engineer its SaaS products and provide ultra-high level software engineering expertise to its in-house software engineering capabilities.

Genesis Project is the first FinTech online marketplace for global blockchain hashing power. The company calls the marketplace OpenBlock. OpenBlock allows the security engine that undergirds Bitcoin, hashing power, to be distributed to non-digital currency applications, extending Bitcoin’s “self-enforcement” and “trustless” environment beyond the digital currency market to all manner of financial technology and private blockchain products and innovations.

Venturetec was there at Genesis Project’s inception, providing the entire system’s software design, engineering, and implementation.


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