Startup Advisory

Startup, seed and early stage tech and SaaS companies use our advisory services because we knit together all the art and science of getting a company up and running. In the beginning of the corporate lifecycle the need to “know” is at its greatest. While not knowing can spell disaster.

Having been involved in various startups over the years, our team set out to create a shop where the entrepreneur can find the requisite resources to become knowing and successful in a cost effective and predictable way.

Rather than having to find a technology shop, a financial advisory shop, an intellectual property shop, a capital and deal structuring shop, Venturetec consolidated all the technology development, deal-making and business growing apparatus services within easy reach. Creating a tech or SaaS company from an idea is a very challenging experience. Let our experienced advisory team bend the learning and cost curve advantageously for you.

Venture and Startup Tech Businesses
If you have an idea or have started to develop a software or SaaS related business and need a technology partner, please feel free to contact us.

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